Uwe Ohse's uschedule

To use the per-user uschedule service bundle, one must have a modified version of Uwe Ohse's uschedule:

The filesystem layout is different to that explained in the uschedule package's doco. The external configuration conversion subsystem places the command and job definitions in $HOME/.config/uschedule/. For compatibility, it sets up $HOME/.uschedule as a symbolic link pointing there.

There is no need for the uscheduleconf program here, as main and log service bundles are set up by the external configuration conversion subsystem. Since they are run by the per-user service manager, which does not run as the superuser, all of the accompanying security warnings in the uschedule package's doco are moot.

They also live in the normal place for per-user service bundles and place their log files in the normal per-user log area. There are no service bundles in $HOME/.config/uschedule/.